From the TV of Rugrats babies to your figure collection! | Source: CultureFly

I am Reptar! Hear me roar! 

Everyone’s favorite green dinosaur is back for a dose of Rugrats nostalgia, thanks to an upcoming release from designer James Groman and CultureFly. Reptar is a character within the Rugrats universe, a giant mutated dinosaur who captured the hearts of Tommy, Chuckie, and the other Rugrats babies — and the heart of every ’90s kid who watched the Nickelodeon series. 

Now, Reptar is back in action with an impressively detailed figure from CultureFly, as part of the company’s new Artist Series. The figure features Reptar in all his green glory, mouth open to show off a row of sharp teeth. This figure brings back the ’90s and will be very limited, so fans will want to keep an eye out for when it releases. 

CultureFly has a whole collection of collectibles to tide fans over while they wait for Reptar to drop, including plenty more with heavy doses of Nickelodeon nostalgia. The company has cartoon fans covered with figures, subscription boxes, and more featuring SpongeBob Squarepants, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Rocko’s Modern Life, and other Nickelodeon classics. 

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The new Reptar x James Groman figure will be available in limited quantities exclusively at CultureFly. Fans can sign up now at CultureFly’s website for early access and to be notified when the figure drops.

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