The statue comes with two weapons and an optional helmet. | Source: Dark Horse Direct/the Pop Insider

Halo Infinite’s first multiplayer event, Fracture: Tenrai, forced the samurai overlords of the Tenrai Fracture into a united front against the Covenant barbarians and their colossal glass dragons. Now, Microsoft is teaming up with Dark Horse Direct to deliver an all-new figure inspired by the game’s limited-time event.

Spartan Chonmage/Yokai PVC Statue in both helmet/weapon options | Source: Dark Horse Direct/the Pop Insider

The Spartan Chonmage/Yokai PVC Statue features the legendary Spartan Chonmage armor, a symbol of samurai commanders and their ability to harmonize with their fellow warriors. It comes with an optional Yokai helmet, which represents the lost samurai who pursued perfection and devolved into war-driven creatures instead. Standing at more than 10 inches, this statue is painted in the Expressive Soul armor coating. Fans can swap out the weapons between a red Energy Sword and an electrifying Disruptor. 

Included weapons and helmet options | Source: Dark Horse Direct

The Spartan Chonmage/Yokai PVC Statue is available for preorder from Dark Horse Direct and the Xbox Gear Shop for $99.99. It is limited to 2,500 pieces and is expected to ship between December to February next year.

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Fans can also keep a look out for a mass market red Spartan Yoroi with Energy Sword Statue that will be available at retailers later this year.

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