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DC Universe just launched a new rewards program, and anyone who wishes they lived in Gotham City or Metropolis will want to sign up. To access the rewards program, fans will need to create a DC Universe account and select an avatar, which they can do here. The best part is that both premium and free accounts have the ability to earn rewards tokens for DC Universe activity.

Some of the free activities for earning points include customizing your DC Universe profile and participating in the Community discussion boards. Premium subscribers can also earn points for watching shows and movies and for reading digital comics, especially those featuring heroes and villains who they mark as favorites.

Now, the important part: Once you earn a certain amount of tokens, you can redeem them for awesome merch and other prizes. Some are collectibles, like a DC Artists Alley Batgirl (White & Gold) by Sho Murase Designer Vinyl for 1,000 tokens or a limited-edition Doom Patrol poster from last year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) for 750 tokens. The virtual reward options include a 30-day subscription to DC Universe for 400 tokens and a promo code to redeem any DC movie from Movies Anywhere for 800 tokens.

According to the company, this awesome rewards program is only set to run through the fall — So, start earning and spending tokens as fast as you can!

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