Some of the Diamond 40th Anniversary Previews exclusives with the Diamond 40th Anniversary Logo | Source: Diamond Comic Distributors/the Pop Insider

In case you missed it, Diamond Comic Distributors is celebrating 40 years of comics, pop culture, and graphic novels this year. As part of that celebration, the company has revealed a selection of Previews-exclusive collectibles from an assortment of companies. 

To start, Disguise is offering fans a chance to mask up as Oogie Boogie, the infamous Boogieman from The Nightmare Before Christmas, or the Green Power Ranger from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. These one-size, glow-in-the-dark Pop! masks are lightweight and feature half-tone printing for the wearer to see clearly. Each mask is limited to 5,000 pieces and is available to preorder for $24.99.

The Last Ronin Lunchbox | Source: Surreal Entertainment

Lunchtime is getting the collectibles treatment with a pair of classic-style tin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lunch boxes from Surreal Entertainment. The Classic Comic No. 1 Lunchbox features the first appearance of the foreboding foursome from the original issue of the comic. The box includes a bonus beverage holder highlighting the first appearance of Shredder. The Last Ronin Lunchbox depicts the lone survivor of the core four from the dark dystopian comic The Last Ronin. Fans can quench their thirst (for revenge) with a bonus beverage container depicting the vengeful survivor. These lunch boxes are available to preorder for $24.99 each.

Playmates is also entering the world of The Last Ronin with The Last Ronin Action Figure. This 4.5-inch figure includes 14 points of articulation to pose the Last Ronin and recreate scenes from the comic. The figure includes an array of accessories including Don’s Bō staff, Raph’s twin sai, Mikey’s nunchaku, Leo’s katanas (one with a broken blade), and a grappling hook and rope fastened to his belt. The figure is also available in a black-and-white Chase variant, which are packed randomly upon purchase. The Last Ronin Action Figure is available to preorder for $29.99. 

Finally, Tamashii Nations is unleashing the androids! The Fear Android Ichibansho figure line from the world of Dragon Ball includes Androids 16-20. The non-scale PVC figures are designed to feature the most popular poses of the characters. Each limited-edition figure is available for preorder now, with prices ranging from $55-85.

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All of these collectibles are specifically launching for Diamond’s 40th anniversary and will feature a commemorative logo sticker. 

There are also some non-anniversary Previews exclusives for this month. Funko is introducing a Vinyl Soda figure of Goliath from the animated series Gargoyles. This 4.25-inch gargoyle is packaged in a retro-style soda can and includes a collectible disc. The figure is also available in a stone chase variant (randomly selected upon purchase), but fans will have to pop their cans to find out which style they got. The Goliath figure is available to preorder for $13.99. 

Meanwhile, the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers Chodankado Inferno Armor is joining Sentinel’s CHOU-DAN-KADOU action figure series. The armor includes a poseable character figure that collectors can equip with the armor, or it can be displayed on its own. The armor set includes four face parts featuring different expressions and magnetic implements for a reliable weapon hold. It also includes two optional wrist parts, three optional expression parts, sword sheaths, the Swords of Fervor, connecting parts for the swords, and a frame base. The weapons and head pieces are interchangeable with the Ryo of Wildfire figure from the series. The Inferno Armor is available to preorder for $145. 

All of these Previews exclusives are available for preorder from local comic shops via the PreviewsWorld Pullbox website.

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