The new collection features popular D&D monsters with a streetwear twist. | Source: Dim Mak

Get ready for a new campaign with Dim Mak and Dungeons & Dragons!

DJ Steve Aoki-owned streetwear company Dim Mak is bringing D&D from character sheets to the streets in its new collection. All your favorite monsters are making an appearance, with T-shirts, hoodies, and long-sleeve options.

The world of D&D is packed with incredibly powerful magical beings, and now you can be wearing one front and center on a T-shirt. The new collection features shirts with designs centered around classic D&D Monsters, including a Demilich, a Nightmare, a Displacer Beast, a Mind Flayer, an Owlbear, and a Planetar.

For the cooler weather days, there are some long-sleeved shirt options as well, featuring the Drow of the Underdark and a Dragon. If it’s too cold for just that, there’s also a Beholder hoodie. The signature, many-eyed monster — who is found in many a D&D campaign and is known for schemes and powerful magic — is looking downright menacing at the center of the hoodie’s back design. 

Steve Aoki is known for liking pop culture, so it isn’t surprising that Dim Mak has a number of other pop culture collaborations for your closet. Some of the brand’s previous collaborations have featured Bleach, Marvel, One Piece, The Powerpuff Girls, and more!

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The newest collection of Dungeons & Dragons Dim Mak apparel will be released this Friday, Feb. 10. Pieces will be available for preorder then, exclusively on the Dim Mak website and the NTWRK app.

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