The three-piece merch bundle includes a silk collared shirt modeled after Yung Gravy’s signature style. | Source: Dr Pepper

Turn up the volume and get your taste buds dancing because Dr Pepper and… Yung Gravy (yes, the rapper who made headlines for allegedly dating Addison Rae’s mother) have teamed up in an instantly legendary and truly unique brand campaign.

The duo created “Strawberries & Creamin’,” a track inspired by the new Dr Pepper flavor Strawberries & Cream. Yung Gravy cooked up the lyrics himself, sprinkling his own flavor into the recording, with lyrics like “Dr Pepper with a bit of fruit” and “creamy smooth, no substitute.” “Strawberries & Creamin’” debuted on TikTok back on May 3. You can also catch the full song on YouTube.

But don’t worry, the collab still gets more interesting. In addition to the irresistible new song, fans can get their hands on a sweet merch bundle to celebrate the collab. Created by NTWRK, the three-piece bundle features a Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream gravy boat, vinyl-inspired coasters, and a silk collared shirt modeled after Yung Gravy’s signature style. The top half of the shirt is white with Dr Pepper and Yung Gravy logos, while the bottom half is pink and features a checkerboard pattern, Dr Pepper cans, and musical notes. 

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Fans can download the NTWRK app and follow this link to enter the drawing for a chance to win one of these merch bundles. The drawing will be open until May 11 at 5 p.m. ET when NTWRK will announce the winners during a live episode. For a chance to win, fans can enter for $1.23 in honor of the soda’s legendary 23 flavors. Charges will only apply to the winners.

Check out the music video for “Strawberries & Creamin’” below. This, oddly enough, might just be the song of the summer.

“Strawberries and Creamin'” Music Video

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