Forge, Simon, and Holga are the featured characters. | Source: Hasbro

Open the doors to the Golden Archive with the new Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves action figures from Hasbro.

Inspired by the upcoming film — and more than 50 years of D&D lore — these figures feature Forge the Rogue, Holga the Barbarian, and Simon the Sorcerer as they will appear in the movie. 

Each articulated, 6-inch-scale character comes in an art-deco-styled box with accessories modeled after their role in the film. Forge, the current Lord of Neverwinter, comes with a chalice, a dagger, and a crossbow. He is wearing a long, patterned overcoat with tall black boots and a blue handkerchief around his neck.

Hailing from the Uthgardt Elk Tribe, Holga comes equipped with a long ax and a dagger. She is featured in a fur-lined set of armor with a rope belt.

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Simon, a descendant of the great Wizard Elminster Aumur, has a golden helmet and carries a staff. He is wearing a brown cape with a purple vest and has a satchel slung across his shoulder.

These new figures are the second release in Hasbro’s Golden Archive series, following the Gelatinous Cube that the company revealed at last year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego. They are available to purchase now at the links below. 

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