So sleek you’ll feel like a supwerhero wearing them! | Source: Enso Rings

The Man of Steel, Caped Crusader, and iconic Speedster are here to adorn your fingers!

Enso Rings is well known for its assortment of silicone rings, great for anyone that wants comfort on top of style. Metal rings can be an issue for anyone worried about safety and activity while wearing them, but Enso’s silicone rings are great for any moment, be it swimming or working with machinery. Now, Enso’s signature silicone is lending itself to superheroes with a new DC collection.

Whether your favorite hero is Superman, Batman, or The Flash, Enso has a new ring to adorn your finger. Each of the new rings features the character’s logo front and center, with colors inspired by their superhero costume. Superman’s ring is red and blue, The Flash’s a bright red and yellow, and Batman’s yellow with a broody black. 

Enso knows its way around with pop culture collabs, with other collections featuring iconic brands such as Star Wars, Disney, HBO’s House of the Dragon, and more. 

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The newest DC Collection of silicone rings from Enso Rings is available now at, with ring sizes from 5-14. Fans can purchase them individually or as a set of two or three if they can’t choose just one. Pick the most powerful hero and have the perfect accessory for your next comic convention!

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