Replicas straight from your favorite films! | Source: Factory Entertainment/The Pop Insider

Factory Entertainment is dropping prop replicas for future travelers, dinosaur-tamers, caped crusaders, and monster lovers! The company — known for its accurate prop replicas — has four new, scaled replicas available for purchase. Smaller than a full-scale replica, these collectibles are perfect for pop culture fans who need an impressive display piece but are short on space.

To start the Mr. Fusion Scaled Prop Replica is a 4-inch-tall model of the power source used by the iconic DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future. Continuing the retro film theme, the John Hammond Cane Scaled Prop Replica is a little over 9 inches long and recreates the cane that John Hammond carries in Jurassic Park. The cane features an acrylic head made to look like amber with a mosquito inside.

The Universal Monsters Fossilized Creature Hand Scaled Prop Replica is even more retro, based on the hand found at the beginning of 1954’s The Creature from the Black Lagoon. For a more modern movie offering, the Batarang Scaled Prop Replica is based on the recent The Batman film, starring Robert Pattinson. The 7-inch model is made of solid metal and comes with a display stand. Just don’t actually throw it at any supervillains!

Factory Entertainment provides a range of high-quality prop replicas, and the above movies aren’t all they have to offer! Previous scaled prop replica releases have included Star Trek phasers and multiple swords carried by Masters of the Universe characters.

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The four new scaled replicas are available to buy now at the links below. Film fans who want to elevate their movie-watching room without breaking the bank can grab their favorite and get it on display now! 

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