Zoom, zoom, zoom. #TBT to a time when that was just a slogan that got stuck in your head and not the object of your loathing.

Hopefully, by now you’ve accepted that working from home is inevitable and you will never see that thing called “outside” again. Zoom has become the go-to office tool for these hazy quarantine days and the biggest perk by far is the ability to conceal your dirty room with the use of backgrounds. Time may no longer be real but with so many backgrounds to choose from you can attempt to keep track of it with a new one every day.

Brush your hair, throw on your daytime pajamas, and check out our favorite fandom-fueled video call backgrounds below.

Star Wars | Download Here

On days when you want to slip into a galaxy far, far away try one of these intergalactic backgrounds. If your work happens to involve defeating rebels, you can hang out in the Death Star, chill on the emperor’s throne, or command some armies from the Imperial Star Destroyer.

For those who are pulled toward the light side of the force, jump to light speed on the Millenium Falcon, lead the resistance on the rebel base, or take a relaxing vacation on Tatooine, Cloud City, or Hoth.

Direct from Gotham | Download Here

DC Comics has gone above and beyond with its release of Zoom backgrounds. Not only can you travel to Gotham, but you can head back in time to 1984 when Wonder Woman saved the world.

Tell all your coworkers where you’d much rather be with the Fortress of Solitude background, or star as your own member of any of DC’s classic animations with these artistic pictures. Fans of the caped crusader can discover a ton of Bat-signal related content here.

Marvel Backgrounds, Assemble | Download Here

The link above will lead to you a number of worthy backgrounds featuring several Avengers logos and Wakanda itself. Fans can head here for even more options. I personally call dibs on the Baby Groot background above, but the list includes Iron Man’s living room, big-headed Thanos, and the Bifrost, AKA the rainbow bridge to Asgard.

Spawn | Download Here

McFarlane has just one Spawn background but it’s kind of all you will ever need. Embody the hellspawn hero by donning his ruby cape.

Disney Magic | Download Here

Travel to the parks in Florida, France, or California with the backgrounds linked above. Disney Parks’ official website released high-res images of all the magical parts of Disney World and Disneyland. Pro-tip: If you wait an hour to get on your computer and turn your heat up to a thousand degrees, it’s like you’re really there!

For a more animated experience check out these Disney•Pixar backgrounds. I’m going to spend my next meeting with Carl and Ellie’s chairs behind me as I try not to cry.

Fox Animations | Download Here

Fans looking for a laugh can check out Fox’s lineup of animated backgrounds. Step into Springfield or grab something to eat at Bob’s burger shop. You get a million bonus points if you come up with your very own coronavirus-related burger of the day.

HBO | Download Here

No kingdom is complete without a throne. Rule all of the land (within 6 feet of you) with the Iron Throne background. Dragons not included.

HBO offers backgrounds for each of its irresistible shows. Those who haven’t gotten sick of living in a dystopia should check out the Westworld options, which come in both peaceful-western and creepy-skeleton themes.

Doctor Who | Download Here

We’re all feeling like time is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff rn and these are the ultimate reminder that we’ll get through it. Choose between 14 different interior shots of the Tardis from various Doctors to remind yourself and your coworkers that the world is always facing certain-doom, and we always survive.

Photos: Lucas Films, Marvel, McFarlane, DC Comics, BBC, Disney, HBO, Fox

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