Everyone has an inner action hero hiding deep down inside, waiting to spring alive and save the day. Now’s your chance.

For any kid at heart who’s ever wished they could be a superhero, or save the country from impending doom, do all of the above with VRSE, from Skyrocket. VRSE is an all-in-one gaming platform featuring interactive virtual reality adventures that take place inside some of our favorite movies. There are two versions of the game: Jurassic World, in which players can fight off hungry T-rexes and Velociraptors, or Batman, which challenges players to defeat the Joker’s evil plot to take over Gotham City.

The game comes with both a VR headset and a controller, so users won’t be tricked into purchasing any additional parts. To begin, all players have to do is download the corresponding (free) app on a smartphone and pop the phone into the headset to be transported into either Isla Nublar or Gotham City! They can turn their heads to experience first-person views in the game and use the controller to move around and fight enemies. It’s recommended for kids ages 7 and up, but they might find themselves wrestling the game away from their older siblings or parents, because it’s just as fun for teens and adults.

In VRSE: Jurassic World, guests can return to Isla Nublar to visit the newly opened Jurassic World theme park, 22 years after the original Jurassic Park imploded. Scientists have managed to engineer a brand new breed of dinosaur and visitors can see it in the flesh, if they dare.

After slipping on a Jurassic World headset, players can journey to the park to explore the labs and jungle, and get a first-hand view of the mystical dinosaurs. The plot lines will play out through voices talking and 360-degree game play, like scenes from a movie. Players will receive missions to complete, such as getting a truck safely through the jungle while fighting off all the terrifying creatures that attack along the way. Velocipraptors, T-rexes, and Pterodactyls will emerge from the tangle of trees to chase the truck, some even getting up close and personal by jumping in the back with the player. The goal is to complete the missions before getting mauled.

The controller stands in as the stun gun—pull the trigger to fire and press the button rapidly to recharge in between stuns. There are tricks players can learn, such as throwing stuns through the air, in addition to shooting the dinos straight from the gun. Watch out! When the dinosaurs get too close, they’ll lunge and scratch at the screen. The phone even vibrates when the player takes a hit. When a mission is completed, another will be unlocked, revealing new storylines and backdrops for the player to explore.

Superhero fiends can get their fix too, with VRSE: Batman, in which players can actually walk through the shadowy world of Gotham City as the masked man himself. Like the Jurassic World version, there are missions to complete and enemies to defeat, but this time they all take place through Batman’s eyes. Players can toggle back and forth between a first-person or third-person view, and they can explore Wayne Industries, Miller Harbor, and Gotham City Natural History Museum while testing all of Batman’s high-tech gadgets. The controller acts as both a grapnel launcher that Batman shoots out like a zipline to launch through the air, and a Batarang, used to fight off the Joker’s henchmen and other Batman villains.

With VRSE, users can go all in; in both versions, the 360-degree gameplay and detailed graphics really make it feel like players are living inside the same fantasy worlds made famous on the big screen. The thrill is real. They might even get a workout from waving the controller around. After all, fighting off dinosaurs and villains is hard work when the fate of the country is in their hands! Better warm up the Batmobile—adventure awaits!

This review was originally published on the Toy Insider.

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