Friends Central Perk Coffee Shop 3-Seat Couch Replica | Source: Toynk

Not to sound dramatic, but this might be the coolest thing we’ve seen today (or maybe this week, this month, or even this year).

Even casual fans of the hit ’90s sitcom Friends will recognize The Orange Couch, a spot in the fictional Central Perk coffee shop where Rachel, Monica, Pheobe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross spent a lot of time hanging out over the course of 10 seasons. And now, you can buy a full-sized replica of the iconic three-seat sofa. Seriously.

Manufactured by Robe Factory and available to purchase from Toynk, the Friends Central Perk Coffee Shop 3-Seat Couch Replica (pictured above) is about 7.5 feet wide and features all of the same details as the couch in the show, down to the fringe across the bottom. Could it BE any more perfect? However, because this is a functioning piece of furniture, it does have the price tag to match: $3,299.99.

‘Friends’-inspired home decor | Source: Toynk/the Pop Insider

If that isn’t quite in your price range but you still want to add a touch of Friends fandom to your home decor, Toynk has other new offerings inspired by the show. There is a 16-inch Central Perk neon light sign replica ($39.99), which seems to combine the sign from the Central Perk window with the neon coffee cup that hangs on the wall in Central Perk for the duration of the show. (Some fun Friends trivia for you: Jennifer Aniston took that neon sign home from the set. It hangs in her home office!) There are also two new items inspired by the equally iconic yellow picture frame that accentuates the peephole in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. There’s a ceramic trinket tray that looks like the frame for $12.99 and a sculpted photo frame shaped like the frame for $24.99.

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