Each figurine comes with unique details based on storylines in the show. | Source: Fisher-Price

Oh. My. GOD! One of the funniest and most beloved television shows of all time is getting the Little People treatment as Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe pile onto the orange couch one more time. 

In collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, Fisher-Price is releasing the Little People Collector Friends The Television Series set. This latest LPC set is one of the largest yet and celebrates 10 seasons of laughs, memories, and lifelong friendships. 

Fans can purchase the set starting on National Monica Day (July 18). | Source: Fisher-Price

Surrounded by Monica’s iconic purple walls in display-worthy packaging, the figurines each come with details based on the hit television series. Ross Geller is wearing his problematic leather pants, Rachel Green is in her Central Perk apron with her iconic haircut, Chandler Bing is holding his pet duck, Monica Geller is in her crisp chef’s uniform, Phoebe Buffay is wearing her “political” Christmas ribbon, and Joey Tribbiani is layered up in a full closet of Chandler’s clothes. Friends fans will enjoy searching for the fun Easter eggs hidden within the packaging, such as the iconic yellow picture frame.

Starting today, July 18, aka National Monica Day, fans can purchase this set online via Amazon and Mattel Creations for $29.99. From now until Aug. 1, super fans can also enter to win their own set for free by visiting mattelcreations.com/lpcfriends. There will be 236 winners, based on the number of episodes in the series.

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