Laurie Strode and Michael Myers Figurines | Source: Fright-Rags

Halloween is six months away… So, it’s basically here.

What better way to celebrate this year’s spooky season a bit early than with an ode to the classic Halloween film? Fans can flashback to the shrieking ‘70s with a line of retro Halloween action figures from Fright-Rags and Plastic Meatball!

The figures include the iconic slasher Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, and Lynda Van der Klok. This line of collectibles stays true to its inspired time era: Every figure is crafted at a 4-inch scale, with five points of articulation and accessories authentic to the film. Laurie touts her weaponized coat hanger, knife, and carved pumpkin, while Michael has his infamous knife. Eerily enough, he even comes with a tiny “Judith Myers” headstone. Yikes!

Laurie Strode and Michael Myers Figurine Packaging | Source: Fright-Rags

In addition to these horribly cool action figures, Fright-Rags carries an impressive collection of spooky merch, ranging from American Psycho to Killer Klowns from Outer Space. They’re offering a deluxe nanoset of the Halloween cast with 13 plastic orange-and-black figures, including a 4-inch glow-in-the-dark Michael Myers figurine (try to imagine a life-size replica of that! *shivers*).

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The Halloween figures cost $20 each and are available for preorder now at Preorders will only be open for a week, ending May 5, so make like a vengeful Michael on a mission and head over to Fright-Rags ASAP!

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