Frozen 2 is proving that Frozen fans will never let it go. The Disney sequel had the largest three- and five-day grosses to ever happen over Thanksgiving weekend, according to Box Office Mojo.

In the U.S. alone, the film gained $85.2 million over a three-day period last week and $123.7 million over the five-day course of the extended Thanksgiving weekend. This makes it the highest-grossing film of all time during the turkey-fueled holiday. The movie has grossed more than $287 million over its first 10 days in theaters, becoming the 17th highest-grossing animated film ever. The only animated flick to do better in the same amount of time was last year’s Incredibles 2 at $349.7 million — but fans did have to wait 14 years for that one.

Anna and Elsa have warmed their way into the hearts of millions all across the globe, with an estimated gross of $738.6 million worldwide after just 12 days. Frozen 2 is at the No. 1 spot everywhere except India — where it is the No. 1 Western movie.

The film will be released in 14 more countries next weekend, in addition to Brazil in early January, so it is fair to say that all of these numbers are just going to keep snowballing from here.

Photo: Disney

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