The Fortune Teller has hundreds of possible answers. | Source: Tentacula/The Pop Insider

What happens when you combine an Ouija Board and a Magic 8 Ball? Tentacula, a new subsidiary of the B-movie horror studio Full Moon Features, sought to answer that question with its flagship product, The Fortune Teller. 

Tentacula designs and creates unique, high-end gift and lifestyle products centered around mysticism and magic. The Fortune Teller celebrates the launch of the company, tapping into the mysteries of the unknown. 

The Fortune Teller is the first product from Tentacula. | Source: Tentacula

This metallic and eerily-sentient entertainment device works when someone gently places their finger on the sensor button. The device will then sense your mood. Next, ask The Fortune Teller a question aloud, push firmly on the sensor button, and the device will reveal your truth. Your truth can be revealed silently through text or through both text and a voice from beyond the void (when the sound option is turned on). The device has hundreds of answers tailored to everyday questions about the past, present, and future.

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From the mind of science fiction, horror, and fantasy film producer Charles Band, who founded Full Moon Features, The Fortune Teller comes in a lush velvet carrying case and has an upscale, sleek design. It is available now for $90 at or on Amazon.

This is the first offering from Tentacula, which is set to offer many more products centered around arcane entertainment.

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