The Child and Avatar the Last Airbender shoes | Source: Pop Insider

This week, released five new pairs of sneakers from Ground Up, inspired by a variety of fandoms and featuring bright designs that would be right at home at a fan convention (rip) or any time you want to show how much you love Avatar the Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, or The Child.

The Avatar the Last Airbender style (pictured above) feature a high-top design and an orange-and-red color scheme, inspired by the traditional Air Nomad outfit. The tongue has a blue arrow share, just like the one on Aang’s head.

For those who are ready to show off their immense love of Grogu (aka The Child), the The Child Unisex Mandalorian Shoes make a bold, fun statement. The tongue of each shoe is shaped like Grogu’s head, while the rest of the shoe is covered in a pattern of chibi images of the beloved space toddler.

Luna Lovegood and Quidditch shoes | Source: Pop Insider

This shoe launch also includes two Harry Potter styles. The Harry Potter Quidditch Shoes feature a red-and-gold color scheme inspired by the Gryffindor quidditch robes, with Harry’s quidditch number (07) printed on the side. For those who would prefer reading The Quibbler to chasing a Golden Snitch, there are Harry Potter Women’s Luna Lovegood Shoes, with a whimsicle, colorful design inspired by the fan-favorite character.

Wonder Woman shoes | Source: Pop Insider

Finally, the only low-top style in this drop is the Wonder Woman Adult Shoes, which utilize the hero’s iconic red, blue, and gold colors and feature the double-W logo on the sides.

All of these styles are officially licensed and exclusive to The sizes vary by style, but each pair costs $39.99.

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