Each figure comes in VHS-style packaging with a Blockbuster membership card. | Source: Funko/The Pop Insider

It’s time to party like it’s 1999! Funko’s newest product line celebrates the days before Y2K when VHS reigned supreme and there was nothing better than renting a movie on a Friday night with family and friends. 

In collaboration with Blockbuster, the iconic home video retailer, Funko has announced the launch of Rewind, a product line that will be available to fans this fall. Rewind delivers nostalgia straight to fans through collectibles and packaging fashioned around the iconic Blockbuster design. Each new figure comes encased in VHS-style packaging with a membership card designed to mirror Blockbuster’s memorable design. 

Before the release of licensed characters this fall, fans will have the opportunity to experience Funko’s throwback collectibles at Fun on the Run, the company’s cross-country event that is running from July 7-19. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Funko, Fun on the Run will feature a branded bus traveling to 10 different locations in middle America, starting in Nashville and ending in San Diego for SDCC. Fans who attend the tour can access limited-edition products — including two Freddy Funko Rewind collectibles — as well as photo opportunities and giveaways. 

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For more details on the road trip and a list of the stops, visit Funko’s website. Also, be sure to follow the @OriginalFunko social channels for announcements about Fun on the Run product reveals and special content footage from the tour.

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