Funko Pop’s Harry Potter Deluxe series starts with Gringott’s Bank with Griphook | Source: Funko/the Pop Insider

Reducio! The Harry Potter universe is getting the Funko Pop! Deluxe treatment — All of your favorite wizarding shops and restaurants from Diagon Alley will soon be mini-sized and displayable.

To start off the Harry Potter Deluxe series, Funko Pop is releasing the Harry Potter Diagon Alley – Gringott’s Bank with Griphook. This 8-inch set pictures the goblin Griphook with his yellow glasses, quill, and notebook, straight from the first Harry Potter movie. Griphook stands outside the Gringott’s bank, grimacing and perhaps protecting the bank from a certain someone’s attempt to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone (never mind the fact that he later aids Harry, Hermione, and Ron in their successful Gringotts robbery).

Funko Pop has yet to announce the rest of the Harry Potter Deluxe line | Source: Funko

Although Funko Pop hasn’t announced when they will release the rest of the Harry Potter Deluxe line, the company did tease the other stores in a tweet. It looks like we may be getting the Eeylops Owl Emporium and the Leaky Cauldron (despite being cast in gray, Hagrid is pretty recognizable), but we won’t know for sure until Funko officially releases the line.

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Diagon Alley is the latest in a series of Deluxe Pop! collections, which feature a series of Pop! figures that fans collect separately as they are released one-by-one, but that are made to display together. Some previous Deluxe collections include the Avengers Assemble Series and the Victory Shawarma Series (both inspired by The Avengers), the Star Wars Battle at Echo Base Series, and the Star Wars Bounty Hunters Series.

For now, the Harry Potter Diagon Alley – Gringott’s Bank with Griphook is available to preorder for $24.99, exclusively at Target. Get your galleons, sickles, and knuts ready, because you’re going to want the whole collection.

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