Funko’s The Office Mini Moments Collection | Source: Funko/the Pop Insider

Fans of The Office can bring a tiny piece of Scranton to their collectibles shelf with a new lineup of Funko collectibles inspired by the popular show.

To start, there is a new Funko Mini Moments The Office collection. These small dioramas each recreate a piece of the titular office and come with a mini-figure of one character. This is only the second Mini Moments collection from Funko, following a Seinfeld collection that dropped earlier this year. The new lineup includes Pam and her desk, Michael and his office, Dwight and his desk, Jim and his desk, and Darryl with the front section of the office. Each of the dioramas is sold separately, but fans who collect all five can combine them into one larger display.  There are also limited-edition chase varients of each included figure, which are randomly inserted throughout the production run.

New The Office Funko Pop! Figures | Source: Funko

On top of this new collection, Funko is expanding its The Office Pop! offerings with seven new vinyl figures. Now that Funko has produced a Pop! figure of almost every character from the show, these figures all recreate more niche (and iconic) moments from the series. The six figures feature Pam holding the teapot and note, Erin holding the Happy box and a bottle of champagne, Michael on crutches, pumpkinhead Dwight, Oscar with the scarecrow doll, and Kevin dressed as the Dunder Mifflin superhero. Finally, there is a exclusive figure (coming soon) of young Michael Scott, as pictured in an old Dunder Mifflin newsletter, complete with long hair and a fanny pack.

With the exception of the exclusive, all of these collectibles are available to preorder now! They are scheduled to ship this fall.

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