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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is officially open inside Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. If you’re planning to visit Batuu any time soon, you’re in for an exciting trip, full of sights and sounds straight out of a galaxy far, far away.

But after you ride Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and snap some photos in front of your favorite star ships, the options for spending your money (or credits, as they’re called in Batuu) may seem a bit overwhelming. With nine places to shop and plenty of dining options, it’s tough to make the right choices when it comes to purchasing memorabilia and Insta-worthy treats. But don’t worry, the Pop Insider team scoured the park for all of the must-buys. Check out our recommendations below!

Blast off on a budget

So you already shelled out for a ticket and don’t want to break the bank at the parks (or be forced to borrow money from Jabba the Hut)? Totally understandable. Here’s what you can get for under $100 total, with enough left over for a bite to eat!


Blue or green milk ($7.99)

Don’t let the name deceive you — this stuff is more like a slushy. But if you want to pay homage to Luke Skywalker‘s love of oddly colored milk (as seen in A New Hope and The Last Jedi), you’ll definitely want to hit up this stand. The “milk” is also a great way to cool off during a hot Florida day. If you want to spend a bit more and/or you need a little pick-me-up during your park experience, you can get a little rum mixed it.


“Thermal Detonator” soda ($5.49)

These little bottles made headlines during the park’s opening weekend, when the TSA banned them (because, you know, they look like bombs). However, that ban has been reversed — as long as the bottle is empty or in checked luggage — which is great, because this is one of the cheapest, most unique souvenirs you can grab in Batuu. It’s available in three varieties: Sprite (pictured above), Coke, and Diet Coke.

fuzzy tauntaun

Drink at Oga’s Cantina ($16 w/tip)

You’ll need a reservation to get into Oga’s Cantina, but the wild drinks are certainly worth the effort. The most popular alcoholic beverage is the Fuzzy TaunTaun (pictured and priced above), which literally makes your lips tingle. There are non-alcoholic options, too, which are easier on the wallet. Plus, every drink comes with a double-sided coaster that you’ll want to take as a memento.


Batuu pin, magnet, or patch ($9.99 each)

If you want to grab something small to remember your trip to Batuu, head to the Jewels of Bith stall in the Black Spire Outpost. That’s where you’ll find more traditional gifts and souvenirs.


Lightsaber churro ($6.89)

A lightsaber you can eat? Yes, please. You can choose your side of the force (aka a red or blue churro) and enjoy the deliciousness. These are available at multiple stands around Hollywood Studios.


Galaxy’s Edge shirt ($34.99)

To preserve the feeling of full world immersion, you won’t find anything in Batuu that says “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.” However, if you head to one of the shops around Hollywood Studios, such as Keystone Clothers, you’ll find shirts, hats, and more featuring the park name. The commemorative opening weekend shirts (available while supplies last and pictured above) are certainly a must-have, and are available in a variety of styles. Once those are gone, however, the stores will still carry shirts and other merch with Galaxy’s Edge branding.

Big Spender

If you’re headed to Galaxy’s Edge with some money to burn, there are plenty of unique souvenirs in Batuu that will make a perfect addition to any fan’s collection. Here are some of our faves!


Lightsaber, custom or replica ($139.99 to $199.99) 

What better way to commemorate your Star Wars adventure than with a lightsaber? At Galaxy’s Edge, you can create your own saber during a ceremony at Savi’s Workshop (reservations required) for $199.99. Or, you can pick up a replica of your favorite character’s saber — the Legacy Lightsabers collection — at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, where they come in a special case (pictured above).

Custom Droid ($99.99)

Head to the Droid Depot to build your very own BB- or R-series droid! (Reservations suggested.) You can also buy accessories for the droid, including a carrying backpack and personality chips.


Jedi or Sith Holocron ($49.99 each, $14.99 for crystals)

The only place in our galaxy where you can buy a Holocron (as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) is at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. Choose from a Jedi or Sith model, then turn the ends to see the Holocron light up. It comes with pre-programmed messages from a Jedi or Sith master.


You can also buy additional colored crystals to insert into the Holocron, which will change the Holocron’s color and give messages from additional characters.


Robes (prices vary)

Take your Star Wars experience up a notch by dressing the part. All of the pieces at Black Spire Outfitters are a bit pricey, but they are perfect for any fan who wants to embrace their inner Jedi.

space monkey

Kowakian Monkey-Lizard ($69.99)

The Creature Stall is full of species from across the galaxy, but the interactive Kowakian Monkey-Lizard shoulder puppet (pictured above) and interactive Porg ($49.99) are two of the most unique and fun — and creepy, in the case of the Monkey-Lizard — products on offer. You can control the Monkey-Lizard’s neck and mouth motions with the attached controller.

resistance flag

Flag, First Order or Resistance ($39.99 each)

Show your allegiance to the Light or Dark Side with these flags, which are available at the Resistance Supply stand and First Order Cargo shop, respectively.

first order flag

cantina glass

Commemorative glass at Oga’s Cantina ($45)

If you are hoping to take more than a coaster with you from Oga’s Cantina, some of the drinks come with a specialty glass. These include the alcoholic Yub Nub (pictured and priced above) and the Cliff Dweller, a non-alcoholic drink that comes in a Porg-shaped glass ($35).

Stormtrooper ($6,615 — not a typo)

If you’re really looking to cash in on your love of Star Wars, this First Order Stormtrooper armor is actually for sale at the First Order Cargo shop. Honestly, if you’re buying this, it deserves its own seat on the plane home.

Photos: Madeleine Buckley, the Pop Insider

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