Generation Analog is packed with discussions about tabletop games. | Source: Asmodee Games

Classic RPG games, such as Dungeons & Dragons or Gloomhaven, provided comforting fantasy spaces, fandoms, and environments for board game lovers everywhere. And Asmodee’s Game in Lab research group, along with Analog Game Studios and GenCon, is highlighting the importance of inclusivity in these games by hosting GENeration Analog, a two-day virtual summit.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore how those games fit into society, this tabletop and education conference (which is 100% free, BTW) is definitely for you. More than 30 panelists from universities around the world will be there to talk about a variety of important issues in the industry. These guests will be split into eight panels, covering topics including how race is depicted in board games, the legacy of Dungeons & Dragons, and game design.


The summit also has three keynote speakers: Scott Nicholson, Elizabeth Hargrave, and B. Dave Walters. While Nicolson and Hargrave plan to speak about the study of games and design, Walters will discuss diversity and inclusion in content creation.

The entire schedule for the event can be found here — It notes all of the topics that the panels will feature, such as healing trauma through gaming, designing historical African board games, and how to use board games in the classroom.

GENeration Analog is scheduled for Aug. 4-5. The Aug. 4 panels will run from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET, and Aug. 5 will offer discussions from 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET. Interested board game developers, fans, and anyone who is interested can sign up now on Eventbrite!

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