After three weeks of releases, the full collection is here! | Source: Girls Crew

Girls Crew is a company focused on selling cute and fun jewelry. Its collections often feature playfully designed earrings and other pieces that bring a little fun to any accessory collection. And the new Disney x Girls Crew collection is no exception, with a whole assortment of earrings featuring your favorite Disney princesses and their friends.

All of these sets in this new release feature three or four single, sparkling earrings inspired by a specific princess movie. Fans can mix-and-match these individual studs to complement their outfit of the day with two of their favorite designs.

The first week of releases featured earrings themed around Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, and Ariel. The Disney Princess Cinderella Earring Set has an earring to represent Cinderella, her carriage, a glass slipper, and her mouse friend Jaq. The Disney Princess Snow White Earring Set features another series of studs, this time with earrings featuring Snow White, an apple, a little bird friend, and the Magic Mirror. 

The Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Earring Set brings Aurora front and center. The set features a stud earring of Aurora and three earrings representing the three fairy godmothers. Ocean lovers can explore life under the sea with the Disney Princess Little Mermaid Earring set. This set features Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, and a fork (or dinglehopper, as it’s known by a certain world-wise seagull). 

For the second wave of earring releases, Girls Crew dropped sets featuring even more Disney princesses. Beauty and the Beast fans are especially spoiled, with two sets themed around the fairytale classic. The Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast earring set features Belle and the Beast, as well as the enchanted rose. The Disney Princess Be Our Guest Earring Set, meanwhile, comes with all our favorite living furniture — Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere, and Cogsworth. 

The Disney Princess Jasmine Earring Set was also in the second week of releases, featuring Jasmine, Abu, the Genie, and the iconic lamp. Feel the colors of the wind with the Disney Princess Pocahontas Earring Set, which offers studs of Pocahontas, Flit, Meeko, and Percy. And the Disney Princess Mulan Set will make sure you’re ready to fight for your family with Mulan, her flower comb, Mushu, and Cricket.

The third and final wave of releases featured sets with more recent Disney movie additions. Moana, her canoe, Hei Hei, and Pua are all included in the Disney Princess Moana Earring Set. And hardworking Tiana, Louis the alligator, Ray the firefly, and Evangeline the star are featured in the Disney Princess Tiana Earring Set.

This last wave also featured two princesses who are known for wanting more and venturing forth to seek it — Merida from the Pixar film Brave and Rapunzel from Tangled both got earring sets. The Disney Princess Tangled Earring Set has Rapunzel, Pascal, the sundrop flower, and Corona’s crest. Finally, the Disney Princess Brave Earring Set features Merida, one of her younger brothers as a human, one of her younger brothers as a black bear, and an archery target. 

The stud earrings all feature bases that are 18-karat gold plated, 18-karat rose gold plated, or rhodium plated over brass. The designs are made with cubic zirconia stones and feature butterfly backings to keep things in place. 

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The Girls Crew site has other pop culture collaborations as well. The Star Wars x Girls Crew collection features earrings with Grogu and the Mandalorian, a set of droids, and a Women of Star Wars set, to name just a few. The site also offers collections featuring Care Bears, Marvel, and Squishmallows characters. 

The Disney x Girls Crew earring collection is available now on the Girls Crew website. Grab your favorite princess earrings — They’ll be the perfect accessory for your next ball, or your next great adventure.

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