“New Disguise, Who Dis?” Sunglasses | Source: Goodr

We can’t bring our favorite comic book heroes to life, but we can wear them on our faces!

The sunglasses brand Goodr has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC to bring fans six new pairs of Wonder Woman and Batman-themed shades.

The three Wonder Woman sunnies show off comic-style patterns and classic Amazonian colors around the reflective lens. The “Glamazon Goddess Goggles” feature the red and yellow hues of Wonder Woman’s costume, complete with a gold WW emblem on each side. The “Justice and Grace for Your Face” style has the heroine’s name and emblem plastered all over the glasses’ frames and temples in a patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme. To complete the mini-collection, the “New Disguise, Who Dis?” glasses feature a pattern of iconic Wonder Woman disguises, accessories, and symbols scattered all along the sunnies. You can find this collab here.

“Joke’s On You” Sunglasses | Source: goodr

The three new Batman glasses are a crime-fighting — and crime-creating — good time. The all-black “Dark Knight Clubbin’” shades feel more like a bat mask than sunnies, with their non-reflective lens. For a look more authentic to Gotham, the “Welcome to the Neighborhood” glasses show off the DC city’s iconic skyline. To wrap the collection up with a sinister bow-tie, the “Joke’s On You” sunnies feature a purple-and-green color scheme inspired by the Joker’s costume, complete with all the flair of the clown prince of crime himself. Check out these themed glasses here.

All Goodr sunglasses are manufactured with a special grip coating to construct the frames and prevent slippage. Their lenses are polarized with glare-reducing protection that staves off harmful UVA and UVB rays. Better yet, the shades in this collection are all $25 each for a super-saving experience!

Go fight crime (or not) in these sun-blocking mini masks!

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