Crunchyroll and Ground Y are on a quest to bring Hell’s Paradise to your daily fashion. The companies are collaborating for the Hell’s Paradise Collection, which includes a range of T-shirts, button-up shirts, and accessories inspired by the fantasy anime series. 

Hell’s Paradise is an anime that follows Gabimaru, a ruthless assassin, on his quest for the Elixir of Life. Fans follow Gabimaru’s journey as he competes against fellow convicts and lurking beasts in order to save his life. 

The Butterfly and Flowers Shirt comes in two different color options. | Source: Ground Y

Fans can enter the boundary between hell and paradise with the Butterfly and Flower Shirt, which is available in two different colors. This long-sleeved, button-up shirt is inspired by the island of Shinsenkyo, with butterflies and flowers surrounding the collar.

Fans can also follow this theme with the Butterfly and Hand Necklace, an accessory that shows off the butterfly doshi monsters from the anime. The Yuzuriha Hand Ear Cuff accessory, meanwhile, just might be more desirable than the Elixir of Life. Fans can pay a subtle homage to their fandom with the ear cuff, which is designed to resemble the hand of their favorite kunoichi, or female ninjutsu warrior.

Fans can preorder this limited edition, 13-piece collection only until Aug. 31, exclusively on The first season of Hell’s Paradise is available to stream now on Crunchyroll.


Embrace the dark fantasy anime with this 13-piece collection. Fans can represent their favorite series with this range of T-shirts, button-up shirts, and jewelry. This limited edition collection inspired by Hell's Paradise is available until Aug. 31.

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