The new Auto-Converting Trailer with Roller and Spike figure | Source: Robosen/the Pop Insider

It was a double-header day for the Hasbro Pulse team! Today, the collectibles manufacturer hosted not one, but two fan livestreams to share the latest updates from Transformers and Power Rangers.

Transformers was up first at 11 a.m. ET. The highlight of this livestream was the reveal of a new Flagship Trailer and Roller Set from Robosen Robotics (pictured above). This auto-converting, programmable robot is designed to go with the Flagship Transformers Optimus Prime robot that the company debuted last year. The trailer is modeled after the original G1 design and is a whopping 3 feet long. Fans can preorder this new collectible from Hasbro Pulse starting at 2 p.m. ET today for $749.99. There are also a limited number of Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Robots back in stock now, both from Robosen and the Hasbro Pulse site.

Another major reveal from the Transformers livestream was a new selection of Transformers Generations Legacy collection figures. They include Commander Decepticon Motormaster, Prime Universe Knockout, Predacon Tarantulus, Elita-1, Voyager G2 Universe Jihiaxus, Decepticon Wild Rider, and Leader Blitzwing. This series of transforming figures brings together characters from across every generation of Transformers. These new additions are available to preorder now from retailers including Entertainment Earth and Hasbro Pulse. Most of the Legacy figures cost $24.99, but Voyager G2 Universe Jhiaxus is $33.99 and Commander Decepticon Motormaster is $89.99.

There is also a new figure in Hasbro’s ongoing Shattered Glass collection, which offers classic Transformers characters with a twist (the bad guys are good, and vice versa). The new Shattered Glass Leader Ultra Magnus figure ($62.99) is 7 inches tall and converts between robot, truck, and armored truck modes. (The trailer can also break apart to armor the figure.) Leader Ultra Magnus is complete with a purple Autobot logo and comes with a blaster, an alt head, and other accessories. It will available to preorder from Hasbro Pulse starting today at starting at 2 p.m. ET. Premium Pulse Members can preorder the figure now.

Now onto the Power Rangers!

To start, there are three new figures joining Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection: Mighty Morphin Ninja Red, Pink, and Yellow Rangers. These Ninja figures are available to preorder now from Target for $24.99 each. There are also limited quantities available from Hasbro Pulse. Pulse Premium Members can preorder them now and they will open for public preorders at 2 p.m. ET.

The Red Ranger Sword replica | Source: Hasbro

Finally, there is a new Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Power Sword Prop Replica. This roleplay item features both light and sound effects and comes with a display base. It is available to preorder from Hasbro Pulse and major fandom retailers like Entertainment Earth for $24.99.

Check out the full livestream video below to get a closer look at all of these figures.

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