The Kate Bishop Bleacher Creatures plush and Toynk’s Exclusive Hawkeye pin | Source: Uncanny Brands/Toynk

‘Tis the season — The first season of Hawkeye, that is!

The latest Marvel series has landed on Disney+, with the first two episodes available to watch starting today, Nov. 24.

And while we’re sure there is a lot more merch coming our way, fans can already shop some items inspired by the series. Don’t worry, no spoilers here!

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To start, there are a ton of T-shirts available for the series, featuring graphics of Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, arrows with festive motifs, the show logo, and more. You can find the many (many) styles at Hot Topic, BoxLunch, and Target.

Staying with the apparel theme, Rock ‘Em Socks has five pairs of socks for the series, including a pair each for Clint Barton and Kate Bishop and a pair for Rogers: The Musical, the Captain America musical that was teased in the series’ trailer.

Some of the Hawkeye merch available at the Marvel Amazon shop | Source: Marvel/the Pop Insider

Perhaps the largest selection of merch, however, is available from the official Marvel shop on Amazon. There, fans can find posters, drinkware, hoodies, blankets, tote bags, throw pillows, PopSockets, and more featuring designs inspired by Hawkeye. There is also a lot of Rogers: The Musical apparel, which may or may not already be in this writer’s shopping cart.

Other miscellaneous items that are available to shop now include a Hawkeye Funko Pop! figure (preorder from Amazon, Target, Entertainment Earth), a limited-edition enamel pin from Toynk, and  Kate Bishop and Hawkeye Bleacher Creatures plush that are available to shop at (you can also save 10% by getting both plush as a bundle).

Stay tuned for more *on point* Hawkeye merch as the series progresses!

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