Hello Kitty x HipDot Collection | Source: HipDot

Hello Kitty says you can never have too many friends… or makeup products!

HipDot has partnered with the iconic Hello Kitty to bring fans and beauty gurus alike a four-product makeup collection. It’s got all the pink, glitter, and glam of your favorite Sanrio kitty!

The Hello Kitty Selfie Palette ($24) is a nine-pan eyeshadow set with pink, neutral, and yellow shades that pay homage to Kitty’s color scheme. Each color is even stamped with a tiny outline of the Sanrio queen herself. After layering shades like “Apple Pie” and “BFF,” top off the look with a cat-eye courtesy of the Hello Kitty Eyeliner Mascara Duo ($14), which features a dual-end fine brush tip and micro mascara wand.

Hello Kitty Selfie Palette and Hello Kitty Dual-Ended Lip Gloss | Source: HipDot

For “double” the action, fans can snag the Hello Kitty Dual-Ended Lip Gloss ($14). Its pink and peach hues add some serious Hello Kitty realness to the collection — and so does the heart-shaped Hello Kitty Sponge ($10). It’s sure to snatch your heart — and your contour!

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To wrap up the collection with a signature, pink bow, there is the Hello Kitty Collectors Bag ($74). This ‘90s-inspired, transparent carrying case comes with the entire Hello Kitty x HipDot makeup collection, including a sweet surprise: Hello Kitty stencils! Swatch over the flower-shaped outlines with a Selfie Palette shade and peel away for a mega-cute look.

Throughout the line, the packaging features plenty of pink, along with the Hello Kitty logo and a pattern featuring repeating Hello Kitty heads. The Hello Kitty x HipDot collection is available now on the HipDot and Sanrio websites. It will also hit Ulta’s digital shelves later this week.

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