Heroes & Villains’ Daredevil apparel pays homage to Matt Murdock with a gritty collection. | Source: Heroes & Villains

It’s been more than a year since Matt Murdock joined the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Since then, the beloved character has shown up in She-Hulk and is slated to have his own show, Daredevil: Born Again. While you rewatch the Netflix Daredevil in anticipation, check out the latest apparel collection from Heroes & Villains — a Bioworld brand — which is inspired by everyone’s favorite Catholic superhero.

There are 15 pieces in the collection, including T-shirts, hats, and hoodies in red, white, and black. Some highlights to the collection include a black T-shirt featuring Daredevil shrouded in shadows under a fire escape, a red baseball cap with mesh backing and a rubber Daredevil logo, and three T-shirts featuring covers from Daredevil comic books, including “Daredevil No. 2,” “Daredevil No. 100,” and “Daredevil No. 500.” 

The collection also features simpler designs with the Daredevil logo on a snapback and two hoodies. However, two of the best pieces in the collection are fun spins on the character. The first is a black T-shirt that says “Hell’s Kitchen since 1964” to reflect the year the first Daredevil comic came out. The second features Daredevil running into action, which isn’t unusual. However, the shirt is in a rainbow tie-dye print that is definitely not synonymous with Matt Murdock — but we’re obsessed with it anyways.

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Heroes & Villains has also dropped collections for other Marvel characters, including Moon Knight, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and more! You would need a will stronger than Kingpin to resist getting this new merch, but where’s the fun in that?

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