Herschel The Dark Side Collection, Darth Vader style | Source: Herschel Supply Co.

Get ready to rock a bag in the style of your favorite helmet-wearing Star Wars characters!

The Herschel Supply Co. has dropped a new line of fresh backpacks based on Star Wars villains. Appropriately titled The Dark Side, the line features three different designs, inspired by Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and Boba Fett. For each character, there are a variety of bag styles and types that are perfect for any Imperial in training.

The three different styles are all named after the villain that inspired them. Each piece in the Darth Vader style features black a black exterior with pinstripes and a red interior that mimics the Death Star’s hallways. This design’s four styles include a Mid-Volume Nova Backpack ($69.99), a novel duffle bag ($89.99), a Herschel Little American Backpack ($109.99), and a hip pack ($31.99). Each bag also has a red embroidered patch that features two lightsabers!

Herschel The Dark Side Collection, Stormtrooper style | Source: Herschel Supply Co.

Take a sharp shot with the Stormtroopers style, inspired by the original trilogy. In typical Stormtrooper fashion, these bags are stark white and have an image of the armor’s backprint printed on each piece. The style includes a Mini Nova Backpack ($54.99), a Miller Backpack ($69.99), a hip pack ($31.99), and a Settlement Case ($21.99). These have a white, embroidered lightsaber patch.

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The final style is inspired by everyone’s favorite saralacc pit faller, Boba Fett. The style for these bags mixes the iconic green-and-white of his armor with a geometric camo design. This line also has four bag variants: an XL Dawson Backpack ($109.99), a Form Crosby Large Bag ($41.99), an XL Classic Backpack, ($59.99), and a Dawson Backpack ($69.99).

All of these bags are available now on Herschel’s site. Don’t forget to pack extra blue milk for your galactic adventures!

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