The Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Care Bears figures | Source: Mighty Jaxx/the Pop Insider

When you think Care Bears, you may not think “exposed skeleton,” but that’s exactly the mash-up collectors will find in a new line of figures from Mighty Jaxx.

Feeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Care Bears is a collection of blind-box figures that includes six different Care Bears characters, each with half of their front missing to reveal an exposed skeleton. However, in true Care Bears style, the skeletons are packed with glitter!

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Each figure stands about 4 inches tall and is posed atop a rainbow-and-clouds base. Fans can choose to purchase one figure for $12.99 or a pack of six for $74.99 (which greatly increases the chances of getting the ultra-rare Rainbow Burst Cheer Bear variant).

This is the latest property to get the Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles treatment by Mighty Jaxx, which is inspired by the style of artist Jason Freeny. Collectors can also snag dissected versions of SpongeBob SquarePants, My Little Pony, and One Piece characters at, while Garfield Hidden Dissectibles are set to drop on Dec. 15.

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