The Critical Role x Hipdot collection | Source: Hipdot/the Pop Insider

We think it’s safe to call Hipdot’s newest licensed collab a critical hit.

Today, the beauty and cosmetics company debuted a new collection inspired by the tabletop roleplaying brand Critical Role. The release includes a variety of products for Critters (as Critical Role fans are called), specifically paying homage to the popular Mighty Nein campaign.

The full Hipdot x Critical Role collection, which comes in a collector’s box. | Source: Hipdot

The collection includes an Eyes of Nein Pigment Palette, which has eight eyeshadow shades. Seven are each inspired by and embossed with the image of a character: Beauregard, Fjord, Yasha, Mollymauk, Jester, Caleb, and Nott. The eighth color, named “Nein,” is more generic and offers bright purple glitter.

There is also a Mighty Nein Highlighter called “Catha,” which is inspired by the brightest moon in Exandria. It comes embossed with an image of the Mighty Nein adventuring group. The final item in this collection is a set of Mighty Nein Lipsticks: Lionett Wine, Long May He Reign (inspired by Mollymauk Tealeaf), and Moon Drop (inspired by Gustav Fletching and Desmond Moondrop).


Fans can purchase this makeup only as a collector’s set (pictured top), which includes all of the items in a display-worthy, theater-inspired box that’s decorated with themed illustrations.

This release, which marks Critical Role’s first foray into the beauty space, is available to preorder starting today, Sept. 8, at the link below. Like any good campaign, this won’t last forever: The Hipdot x Critical Role collection will only be available until Sept. 20! The boxes are expected to ship between December and January.

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