We smell children! And great Halloween decor. | Source: Society6

We’re all ready to watch Hocus Pocus 2 when it comes out at the end of the month, and now our houses can look the part. 

Society6 is releasing a new line of Hocus Pocus-themed decor and bags so that you can properly show your excitement for the return of the Sanderson sisters. Each officially licensed design was created by independent artists who sell their work with the company. 

The collection includes prints that feature Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson; iconic lines from the original movie (Stop! I smell children!); and other Halloween-y imagery. 

The prints will be available as wall art, tapestries, mugs, and other household items. The canvas tote bags in the collection will let you take your witchy spirit on the go, whether you’re going trick-or-treating or wreaking havoc on the children of Salem, Massachusetts. 

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Decked out in purple, orange, and black, these items are perfect for not just Halloween, but for the whole fall season. 
The Society6 x Hocus Pocus collection comes out on Sept. 29 at society6.com, just in time to stream Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+ the next day.

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