If you’re shopping for someone who’d rather spend their holidays with the Justice League than their family, you’ve come to the right place. The DC Universe is constantly expanding, which means the DC gift options can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve collected some of our favorites that any DC-lover would put on their wish list:

World’s Finest Box Set Subscription | CultureFly | $48.99-175.96 | CultureFly

Why not let the experts shop for you? This box subscription, available as a quarterly or annual subscription, sends a box full of DC-themed merch to the recipient of your choosing every three months. According to CultureFly, the box contains more than $120 worth of stuff, including shirts, figures, accessories, and more. Each box is also themed within the DC umbrella. Past box themes include Wonder Woman, Villains, and Justice League.

Batman Eclipse Light | Paladone | $24.99 | Amazon

Whether you use it as a nightlight or party décor, this Batman light will make your bat cave as cool as the Dark Knight’s. A faint glow will surround Batman’s foot-wide wingspan when plugged in. It comes with a stand, but can also be mounted on the wall. 

DC Universe Subscription | DC Universe| $7.99 (monthly) or $74.99 (annual) | DC Universe

DC fans may love merch, but they live for the content—the movies, the shows, and the comics themselves. A subscription to the new DC Universe service (basically an all-DC Netflix) will give your favorite super-fan access to digital comics, exclusive shows, and so much more. There’s not currently a way to purchase a gift subscription, but you can create and pay for an account, then share the login info.

Justice League Earring Set| Box Lunch | $24.90 | Box Lunch

If your DC love can’t be contained to one character, these stud earrings let you mix and match which hero (or villain) you want to rep each day. With Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, and Harley Quinn sets to chose from (I know Quinn isn’t in the Justice League; I didn’t name the earring set), you get 15 different pairing possibilities.

Batman BBQ Tool Set | Think Geek | $19.99 | ThinkGeek

Shopping for someone who loves Batman and outdoor cooking? Look no further than this Batman BBQ set, which not only looks cool but is a functional gift.  The set includes a spatula with the Batman logo, a grilling fork, and tongs. Each tool’s handle is also engraved with “Batman,” because tbh grilling burgers properly is a superpower.

Batman Chess Set (Dark Knight vs Joker) | Noble Collection | $59.95 | DC Official Licensed Store

This is far from the only DC-themed chess board out there, but it comes at a reasonable price point and a more whimsical feel. Duke it out on the chess board as either Batman or the Joker, using colorful pieces including the Batmobile, Batwoman, and Harley Quinn.

DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman | DC Comics | $50 |Barnes & Noble

This is WAY cooler than your classic character encyclopedia, and way geekier. This new hardcover, beautifully illustrated, 160-page book is presented as a set of notes compiled by Batman himself on the so-called “metahumans” he has interacted with. Get a look into how the Dark Knight thinks as he records his thoughts on 12 different super-humans (from Superman and Cyborg to Darkseid) and how their bodies function.

Color Me Powerful | Downtown Books | $12.99 | Amazon

We’ve slowly started seeing a world where female superheroes get time in the spotlight, and this book celebrates that fact. Fun for girl-power proponents of all ages, this coloring book provides classic DC art of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Katana and other female  characters to color. The book also includes activity pages where girls can create their own hero name, catchphrase, costume, and more.

Justice League Bracelets | Alex and Ani | $38.95 | DC Universe Shop

These simple pull-cord bracelets are an understated way to represent your favorite member of the Justice League. The gang’s all here for this collection: Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Superman, Batman, and Aquaman.

App-Controlled Batmobile | LEGO | $99.95 | Amazon

Build this super-cool LEGO Batmobile, then sent it and the included Batman figure off to save the day! You control the Batmobile with an app on your smart device, which connects to the car via Bluetooth. It may be listed for ages 8 and up, but DC fans of any age can enjoy this “super” LEGO set.

Aquaman Trident | Warner Bros. | $424.95 | WB Shop (Preorder)

If you’re willing to shell out the big-bucks, this 72-inch trident is the perfect collectible for DC fans who are anxiously awaiting the upcoming Aquaman, featuring Jason Mamoa’s fresh take on the underwater hero. You’ll have to anxiously await this gift, too, as it won’t ship until mid-June, but just imagine how cool it would feel to carry this trident around the house!

Wonder Woman Watercolor Decals | RoomMates | $17.99 | Target

Show your love for the awesomeness that is Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. This set of nine watercolor peel-and-stick wall decals are a neat variation on the wonder woman visual theme and provide a more timeless depiction of the super-woman.

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