The Dead Strange collectible figure is terrifyingly detailed. | Source: Hot Toys

Dormammu, I’ve come as a new Hot Toys’ Marvel 1:6-scale figure.

Last month, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness fans witnessed (spoilers!) Doctor Strange dreamwalk from the post-incursion universe into the dead corpse of one of his variants, Defender Strange. For desecrating the natural order of the universe, Strange is set upon by the Souls of the Damned. In his hellish new form, Dead Strange journeys to the top of Mount Wundagore for a final showdown against The Scarlet Witch. 

Dead Strange 1:6-scale Collectible Figure | Source: Hot Toys

Now, this freakish moment has been recreated as Hot Toys’ Dead Strange 1:6-scale Collectible Figure, which captures the horrific appearance of Doctor Strange with decaying tissue and visible bone. The 12.2-inch figure features an attachable, distressed cape with sculpted Souls of the Damned heads, along with skeletal corpses and reaching arms surrounding the sorcerer. Dead Strange includes 30 points of articulation and movable Souls of the Damned arms. 

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Dead Strange joins Hot Toys’ extensive collection of Marvel 1:6-scale figures, including The Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man. The Dead Strange 1:6-scale Collectible Figure is available for preorder on Sideshow for $385. Fans can expect the figure to ship between July and December of next year.

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