Like Sasuke, Naruto lovers will be trembling with excitement — over the new Igloo x Naruto Shippuden collab, that is. 

Igloo’s first anime collaboration features two Little Playmate 7-Quart Coolers graced with custom graphics featuring the franchise’s namesake and his rival-turned-friend, Sasuke.

One cooler has an orange base and features young shinobi Naruto Uzumaki with the Rasengan on the lid. The cooler has total Naruto coverage, as the young ninja and Jiraiya are featured on one side of the lid, while a graphic of Naruto and Gamakichi covers the other side. 

The second Little Playmate in the series has cooler (get it?) tones with a dark blue base. A custom graphic of Sasuke Uchiha — with lightning, of course — is on the lid. One side of this cooler depicts Sasuke and his brother Itachi, while the other side shows Sasuke on Aoda. No matter the angle you reach into the cooler from, you’ll be faced with Naruto content. 

Each Igloo cooler has Thermecool foam for eco-friendly insulation and a tent-top design with a handle for easy transportation. The Little Playmate coolers also have a side push-button, so fans can get to their beverages with ease and relax with the knowledge that their items are secure. Both coolers comfortably fit nine standard, 12-ounce cans and use fade-resistant UV coating. 

The Naruto Shippuden Little Playmate 7-Quart Coolers are available now at the links below! To see Igloo’s full assortment of pop culture-inspired coolers, visit


Chill with Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha while keeping your beverages ice cold. The Igloo x Naruto Shippuden collab features two coolers with custom graphics of your favorite Naruto characters. Each cooler has Thermecool foam, a tent-top design for easy transportation, and a side-push button. The coolers comfortably fit nine 12-ounce cans and feature a…

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