Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2 Puts Elastigirl Front and Center

Helen Parr, aka Elastigirl, aka Mrs. Incredible, is the definition of supermom. From doing the laundry to saving the world, there’s no doubt she’s stretched thin, but just like lots of moms out there, she gets everything done with enough time to put dinner on the table—complete with lots of vegetables.

In Incredibles 2, the Disney•Pixar sequel to the 2004 animated film, Mom’s got a new job, and the fate of the Supers rests on her stretchy shoulders. Ready for her mission to change what people think about superheroes, Mrs. Incredible has a dashing new outfit, a sparkly new mask, and a sick new ride.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Parr family rests on Dad, aka Mr. Incredible, and it looks like he still has a few things to learn. With the help of some fan-favorite characters, like the sassy, all-knowing super fashion designer Edna Mode, Mr. Incredible will learn that “done properly, parenting is a heroic act.”

Though Elastigirl is the main protagonist of the highly anticipated film, every member of the Parr family will play an important role in the story. The Parr kids—Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack—will flex their super skills more than ever before, helping the family save the day from multiple villains, including the Underminer—first introduced in The Incredibles—and the newly revealed Screen Slaver.

It’s been 14 years since Brad Bird’s original animated superhero flick showed us a world that forced superheroes underground, and the latest installment teases us with the promise of a world that once again celebrates the non-caped crusaders (remember: NO CAPES!). Touching on current issues such as the changing family dynamic, our addiction to screens and technology, and outdated laws affecting modern society, Incredibles 2 is sure to resonate with multiple generations.

“The sequel incorporates all the hallmarks of a Pixar film while showcasing a relatable family (who just happen to be superheroes), which we know will appeal to fans of all ages—original fans of the film and those who are meeting the Parrs for the first time,” says Tonya Agurto, senior vice president, licensing, Disney & Pixar Animation.

With more than 15 licensing partners in the toy space creating products based on the characters and themes from Incredibles 2, fans can expect to see action figures, dolls, preschool play sets, die-cast vehicles, costumes, games, puzzles, and more.

“While developing our wide assortment of toys we were inspired by the whole family of Supers—each member of the family, with their unique super power, presents a whole new opportunity to bring the characters to life through new and innovative play patterns,” says Agurto.

Elastigirl Elasticycle, from JAKKS Pacific.

The Incredibles 2 Power Couple action figure set from Jakks Pacific features a Mr. Incredible figure with more than 45 sounds and a rubberized Elastigirl. Fans of all ages can lock Elastigirl’s hands into Mr. Incredible’s, pull back, and sling her forward. The set also includes stands and targets for display, perfect for collectors. Jakks will also release the Stretching & Speeding Elasticycle, featuring a stretchable Elastigirl figure and her new ride from the film.

Alex Woo Incredibles 2 Necklace Collection

For older fans, high-end watches from INVICTA, socks from Stance, and bathing suits from Trina Turk will also join the product mix this year. A line of jewelry from Alex Woo features silver and gold necklaces with the powerburst icon, Incredibles logo, and a “Powermom” wordmark, for all the incredible moms who are just like Helen Parr.

In addition to seeing the Parr family in lots of products on shelves this year, fans can get excited about welcoming some new characters into the mix as well.

“There are a ton of exciting new characters. The filmmakers have given us a great story to work with and we’re thrilled with the compelling product proposition it has allowed,” explains Agurto.

While toys and collectibles are a great way to let fans bring the Incredibles’world to life, live events and fan experiences may be on the horizon to really allow immersion into the world of Metroville. “Fans should stay tuned for some exciting announcements that will be coming over the next few months,” teases Agurto.

Incredibles 2 hits theaters on June 15, with products rolling out throughout the year. With a new protagonist, new villains, and a new mission, the Parr family is certainly in for some new challenges, and audiences are in for some incredible surprises.


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