With less than a month until the big premiere party, the countdown to Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2 is well underway. Lucky for us, Jakks Pacific’s collection of memorabilia is the comfort food that every millennial needs to prep for the big day. From action figures and vehicles to novelty toys and more, it’ll be hard to resist pulling out your wallet for these bad boys.

Power Couple

The Power Couple figures take “Dynamic Duo” to a whole new level. Featuring Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, the companion set lets the couple team up to save the city. In true elasti fashion, Elastigirl has rubber arms and legs that collectors can stretch, pull, and fling. Mr. Incredible is made of hard plastic, and features raised arms with an opening in his fist to secure Elastigirl. Ready, aim, and fire: Pull back Mr. Incredible’s arms by simultaneously pulling Elastigirl’s legs, then release to send her soaring through the sky.

Stretching and Speeding Elasticycle 

The Stretching and Speeding Elasticyle is a perfect addition to any collector’s shelf, and also super fun to whip out and give it a go. Place the cycle on the launch ramp, turn the handle to power up, and watch as Elastigirl stretches and speeds across the floor.

4-Inch Basic Figures Assortment 

The line also features a bunch of new action figures and collectibles for mega-fans to geek out over and display at home. This figure assortment includes Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Frozone, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, each with five or more points of articulation.

Costumes Action Figure Assortment 

Elastigirl, Violet, and Edna come in bold outfits and feature signature accessories. Elastigirl and Violet are built with 11 points of articulation, and Edna features give points of articulation, which allow fans to constantly change up the poses that they display.

Costumes Action Figure—Mr. Incredible and Jack-Jack 

The father-son duo are also available as an action figure set, and each include five points of articulation. Mr. Incredible has a removable mask and Jack-Jack comes with rooted hair.

Mini Supers Blind Boxes

Fans can also amp up the fun with collectible blind boxes. The first wave includes nine characters to unbox and display.

Die-Cast Vehicle Assortment 

These shiny, authentic vehicles feature a 1:64 ratio. The first wave includes the Incredible, Underminer’s Tunneler, and a police car.

Jumping Incredible 

Bring the iconic Incredibile vehicle home, and roll it forward to instantly watch it jump into action. The roof is easily removable to fit a 4-inch tall Mr. Incredible figure (sold separately).

Jack-Jack Attacks 

Got a kid? Use that little someone as an excuse to get your hands on this interactive Jack-Jack doll. Press on Jack-Jack’s tummy to hear him laugh, giggle, cry, and shout, as well as make electric spark sounds, because casual. Repeatedly pressing on Jack-Jack’s belly lets him cycle through his powers: he will turn red to show off his fiery flames; flash yellow and create spark sounds; and glow blue to show his piercing lasers eyes.


There are also a ton of unique items that fans will want to—quite literally—get there hands on, including the Elasti-Arm. The prop lets mere mortals live out their dreams and embody Elastigirl’s superpowers, with an arm that stretches up to 18 inches long.


Jakks also has lots of costumes and dress-up items for mom, dad, sister, brother, or just a really cool older cousin to give to their favorite little hero. Interactive items, including the Muscle Suit with Sounds, Dress-Up with Sounds Shirt, and Superhero Gloves, make for irresistible Insta-worthy moments.

From action figures, collectibles, vehicles, and more, there’s a product for every fan in the family. Incredibles 2 has been 14 years in the making, so there is kind of a lot riding on this sequel (no pressure, Disney). Luckily, Jakks Pacific did not let us down with their latest collection, and we can only hope that the film lives up to the same expectations.

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