Do you follow more animals than humans on Instagram? If not, it’s time to up your quota of furry babes, and no, I’m not talking about Jared Leto.

As someone who is animal-obsessed, and a proud bunny momager (you’re doing amazing, sweetie), every week I will bring you some respite in your Insta-feed to break up the monotonous stream of filtered AF photos from long lost college friends, thirst monster generals, and post-Bachelor influencers.

The best place to start is by following an adorable slew of bunnies! Floppy-eared, long-eared, impeccably dressed, floofy, furry, and even bald —here are the best bunnies to follow on Instagram to spruce up your day.

Best Flops: Peepers (@thebigpeep)

This little troublemaker is like a real-life Energizer bunny—beating up toys and snatching your food when you least suspect it (I can personally attest to this, because he lives with me). When he finally stops to rest, he throws himself over with the most epic bunny flops to recharge his battery.

Best Dressed: Arthur (@arthur_le_lapin)

Arthur the lop is living the good life in France, and he’s officially more stylish than all of us. He’s not one to shy away from showing off that #OOTD with his collection of sweaters, trench coats, and trendy hats. Stay humble, Arthur.

Best Binkies: Sweety (@sweetythepet)

Sweety has mastered the art of the binky—a bunny happy dance in which they run, jump, and twist that booty around when they’re excited. You know, kind of like bunny twerking. And she does it way better than I ever could.

Best Duo: Alfie and Biscuit (@alfie.and.biscuit)

These British siblings are the most charming pair to come out of London since Prince Harry and Prince William. BRB, starting a petition to get them on the throne, or at least to make an appearance at the royal wedding.

Biggest Gentleman: Alby (@thegentlebun)

Chivalry isn’t dead. Alby loves long walks in the park and might share a strawberry with that lucky someone if the mood strikes. Looking the part of a true gentlebun, this handsome guy snags any opportunity to show off his bowtie collection. If I were a bun, I’d swipe right for sure.

Floofiest: Monzo, Gibbie, and Luka (@scrubblescuddles)

?To the fella over there with the hella good hair, won’t you come on over, baby?? These three pom poms are the floofiest furballs around town and the #hairgoals you wish you could be. Check them out to see them snuggling, snoozing, or grooming each others’ wild and crazy manes.

Favorite Baldie: Mr. Bigglesworth (@loafy_mrbigglesworth)

Bald is beautiful, too. Mr. Bigglesworth is an Australian rex rabbit born last year with a rare hairless gene disorder, making it difficult for him to grow a full coat of fur. This fuzzy babe can be spotted sporting a dapper white beard, snuggled up in his collection of cozy sweaters to keep warm.

Teeniest Nugget: Cooper (@cooperthepooper)

At only 2 lbs, this Netherland Dwarf is proof that good things come in small packages. But that doesn’t stop him from living large—check out his Insta for tons of videos of him ruling his rolly-poly kingdom.

Biggest Ears: Hedwig (@thebunnybottoms)

With bunny ears this big, Hedwig the Flemish giant must be a great listener. Check her out along with her floppy-eared brother Neville the Holland lop.

Biggest Diva: Sugar (@sugar_the_bun)

Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy. Like any true diva, Sugar the lionhead makes sure her outfit is on point, with feathery headpieces, hair bows, and pink tutus that would make Ariana Grande jealous.

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