20th Century Fox released the latest Dark Phoenix trailer, and it’s already blowing fans away.

Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the second teaser for the X-Men Apocalypse sequel shows the death of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence).

Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) blasts Mystique out of the way as the shape-shifting mutant tries to help Grey control her powers. The rest of the X-Men crew, including Charles (James McAvoy), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Cyclops (Ty Sheridan), and Storm (Alexandra Shipp), witness the horrific scene.

Kinberg decided to reveal this pivotal part of the movie to show that this X-Men movie is different from the others. “It’s a movie where shocking things happen, where intense, dramatic things happen. People don’t just fall off buildings and dust themselves off and walk away. There’s a reality to this movie and a consequence to this movie. Even more than that, it was to show that Grey/Dark Phoenix is genuinely a threat to everyone, including the X-Men,” he tells Entertainment Weekly.

However, the deaths don’t end with Mystique. “There are certainly other major casualties in this,” Kinberg adds.

The movie follows Grey’s story as she struggles — and clearly fails — to control her powers, which are getting stronger and deadlier as the Phoenix Force possesses her soul. The X-Men are torn: Half want to help her, while the others want to kill her for revenge. Meanwhile, they are fighting to save Earth from aliens plotting to use Grey’s powers to rule the galaxy.

Jessica Chastain joins the Marvel cast as one of these villainous aliens, tempting Grey’s to embrace the evil cosmic force.

Dark Phoenix premieres in theaters on June 7.

H/T Entertainment Weekly

Photo: 20th Century Fox