ColourPop is entering the Kanto region with a stacked makeup collection inspired by all of your favorite Pokémon

The centerpiece of the collection is Pallet Town, an eye shadow palette with 24 shades inspired by the cities in the Kanto region and some of the most iconic Pokémon of all time. The vibrant palette features the full spectrum of the rainbow, including a bright red “I Choose You” complete with a Poké Ball detail to delight all the trainers out there.

Fans can also pick up the three shades of Super Shock Shadow for a sparkly, bright look: Solar Beam, inspired by Bulbasaur; Flamethrower, inspired by Charmander; and Hydro Pump, inspired by Squirtle. There’s also a collection of cream blushes, which includes a bold red called Electro Ball, inspired by Pikachu; a rose called Metronome, inspired by Clefable; and a deep purple called Hypnosis, inspired by Gengar. 

This lineup gives lots of love to your lips with a trio of shiny lip glasses inspired by three of the Eeveelutions: Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon. The Pokémon collection also features super cute color-changing lip balms that react to your lips’ natural pH to create a pink shade. Fans can choose from Thunderbolt, inspired by Pikachu; Sing, inspired by Jigglypuff; and Transform, inspired by Ditto. Round off your lip product collection with the Berry Lip Mask, which comes in a Poké Ball-shaped jar and brings some much-needed moisture to your lips.

The collection is available at now and will be at Ulta Beauty starting May 12. Fans can catch individual products or a variety of mix-and-match bundles. 

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Ashley Pelletier

Ashley Pelletier

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