Rob Liefeld, co-creator of Deadpool, is hype to get the whole Marvel Six Pack, (no, we’re not talking about Chris Evans’ abs,) together in future movies. The second movie already introduces Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz.)

On the red carpet premiere of Deadpool 2, Liefeld stated, “Let’s get the entire Six Pack, who Cable used to run with. Let’s get Bridge. Let’s get Hammer. Let’s get Grizzly. Especially if there’s more Cable, we can go in that direction.” The Six Pack, not to be confused with the Six Chicks from 13 Going on 30, is a team of six mercenaries from Marvel Comics. There was a steep amount of betrayal among the group that eventually disbanded. Cable and Domino then go on to form X-Force.


Liefeld went on to gush about the casting for Domino and said, “I loved her casting. I thought they nailed it, but seeing her in costume and filming is different than seeing her in the film, and obviously, I was only there a couple days, three or four days on set, I didn’t see all of her interaction. She is so charming and so charismatic and she plays so well off Ryan and Josh.” Liefeld is confident that fans are going to clammer for more of these characters so as long as the cast is on board, the future is looking bright for Deadpool and X-Force.

With Josh Brolin’s apparent obsession with playing Marvel villains, here’s to hoping Deadpool 2 breaks the fourth wall (for the millionth time) and makes a snarky Thanos reference. Thanos is basically evil Barney so no one can tell it’s the same actor just by looking, but Wade no doubt knows. He always knows.