Batman The Dark Knight Returns 1:6 Scale Statue by Iron Studios | Source: Iron Studios

For nearly a decade, Iron Studios has given pop culture fanatics in Brazil top-notch collectibles ranging from $20-3,000. And now, the company is making waves with collectors in the U.S. This new-to-market licensee focuses on quality, detail, fidelity, and replicating dozens of best-loved characters in unique ways for hardcore fans and casual fans alike.

Best known for its 1:10-scale figures and statues, Iron Studios has a wide breadth of collectibles in multiple sizes, including 1:6, 1:4, 1:3, and even 1:20. Fans can select iconic heroes and villains from dozens of franchises, such as Marvel, DC, Thundercats, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, The Lord of the Rings, and more. And while there are so many styles, characters, and sizes to choose from, there’s one thing the entire product line has in common: attention to detail.

The Pop Insider spoke with Iron Studios’ Chief Marketing Officer Marcelo Bassoli about what fans in the U.S. can expect from the next big name in collectibles.

The Pop Insider: Iron Studios is pretty new to the U.S. market! What can fans expect from your 1:10-scale figures that’s different from what’s already out there?

Marcelo Bassoli: The 1:10 scale is our main line but we also develop 1:6, 1:4, 1:3, and even 1:20 for special dioramas. Our main goal is always the attention to detail and fidelity to the source material, but we are also very committed to the extension of the lines (creating as many characters as possible) and original poses.

PI: How do you work to deliver quality to collectors while also keeping costs as accessible as possible?

MB: We will never choose cost over quality, but we know that both are very important for collectors. Bringing the high level of quality that the market demands for larger scales into the 1:10-scale lets collectors have the feeling of owning a really nice statue while paying a lot less. It also gives them the opportunity for them to extend their collection with more characters.

PI: Your collection features so many popular licenses, including Marvel, DC, Jurassic Park, and even video games like God of War. How do you approach each license differently, and how do you work to make sure the statues are staying true to the characters they represent, while also offering fans something unique? 

MB: We are also fans, first of all! We would never do something that we would not do for ourselves. That’s one of our “secrets.” We make sure to include this passion we have for the characters in every project.

PI: What makes Iron Studios a great partner when it comes to licensing? 

MB: We do not make only statues. We like to bring the license to life with other experiences. We do live events in our stores and online when we announce new licenses and products. We are partners with Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in Brazil, which is one of the biggest pop culture events in the world. We have a department, Iron Studios Workshop, that is focused on producing props and life-size statues to promote our brand. We even have a team on the Porsche Cup Brazil, and we use the car to promote the licenses we work with. There are many ways to work with each brand and we try to develop them all.

X-Men Vs Sentinel #3 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios is one of Bassoli’s favorite pieces of all time. The incredibly detailed statue retails for $1,699.99. | Source: Iron Studios

PI: I’ve noticed that on a lot of your pieces, the backgrounds, stands, and bases are often just as detailed as the character. Why is this important? 

MB: We use all of the elements we can to tell the story of the character or the scene we are representing — every detail counts. When the collectors look at the statue they feel the hard work we’ve put into it, and the details they see will bring to life their best memories of each character.

PI: So many of your statues have incredible poses that almost make them look like they are frozen in mid-air. How important is creating movement in your design process? 

MB: A statue doesn’t offer many possibilities for modifications. Sometimes they have extra heads and arms, but that’s really it. That’s why we put a lot of work into the concept design phase. We try many things to make the statue unique. We want to impact the collector in a good way, and we think that the dynamism of the poses do that.

Harry Potter at the Quidditch Match MiniCo Illusion Toy Scale Statue | Source: Iron Studios

PI: Tell me a little bit about the MiniCo line — it’s so different from the 1:10 statues! 

MB: We wanted to create our own unique design for the characters we love. The stylized, fun, but still very detailed designs of the MiniCo line has the intention to bring our work to more fans around the world. 

PI: Do you personally have a favorite piece that Iron Studios has created? 

MB: It changes from time to time. But it’s impossible not to have the X-Men Vs Sentinels Dioramas at the top of the list! It’s such an amazing and complex project and it was a great honor to be part of it.

PI: What are some long-term goals for the company? Where do you hope to take the brand? 

MB: We want to be known not only as a collectibles brand, but as a company that works within the pop culture universe in a lot of different and new ways. We want to provide moments that our customers will never forget.

PI: Can you share anything you might be working on ahead of New York Toy Fair in February? What’s coming next?

MB: I can anticipate that we will have many great things that we are keeping secret to show at New York Toy Fair for the first time! We can’t wait to be there! And of course, more X-Men!!!

To learn more about Iron Studios, visit their website or follow them on Instagram @ironstudios.

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