Dresses in the IT collection | Source: Michelin Pitt

Hiya, Georgie! Need some new clothes?

The IT and IT Chapter Two Collections from Vixen by Michelin Pitt put Pennywise right into your closet — in a good way. It features a Pennywise Purse (terrifying), a Georgie’s Boat bag (terrifyingly chic), dresses, skirts, and shirts. Each features the evil clown and the heroes of the Losers Club.

Pitt, the founder and designer of the brand, says she grew up loving IT and now feels it’s underrepresented in women’s apparel. Now the iconic villain can join you on your next night out.

The SS Georgie Boat Bag and the Pennywise Clown Crossbody Bag | Source: Michelin Pitt

When it comes time to float, fans can pick up the SS Georgie Boat Bag. It’s a full 3D replica of Georgie’s boat from the movie, with a red balloon tassel featuring the phrase “You’ll float too.” A removable strap converts it from a crossbody or shoulder bag into a clutch. The much creepier option of a purse — the Pennywise Clown Crossbody Bag — is so lifelike I will be avoiding all storm drains until further notice. It’s also a 3D replica and features a white textured leather face, sparkling metallic orange foil eyes, and detailed hand stitching.

The Pennywise Babydoll dress | Source: Michelin Pitt

Do you know something scarier than the IT franchise? The lack of pockets in women’s clothing! The Pennywise Babydoll dress is here to fix that. The Cottage-Core dress is inspired by Pennywise’s outfit with large red buttons in place of pom-poms. And, yes, it has pockets!

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This collection also features swing skirts and dresses with Pennywise’s face on them; T-shirts featuring members of the Losers Club, Pennywise, and other iconic moments from the movies; and more chilling looks for a night out on the town (or under the town searching for a creepy clown). Find the nightmarish looks of your dreams at the link below!

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