The new shoes are stylish and designed with specific characters in mind. | Source: Jimmy Choo/Fashionista

Jimmy Choo’s newest shoes will have you feeling like the Pretty Guardian of the moon! 

The luxury brand — which offers shoes, purses, and other accessories — has started venturing into the occasional pop culture collaboration. The newest of these is a collab that brings the bright and magical world of Sailor Moon to designer shoes and bags.

The Jimmy Choo x Sailor Moon collection features shoes based on everyone’s favorite Sailor Guardians. With five shoe styles to choose from, there’s a wide range for any fan. Sailor Moon gets pink boots, Sailor Mercury has blue ankle boots, Sailor Mars inspired some red pumps, Sailor Jupiter green has leather lace-ups, and Sailor Venus gets orange platforms. There’s even an accessory piece to go with the new shoes, with the One Varenne Quad mini purse featuring illustrations of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen.

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Fans of the shoujo anime and manga can represent their top Sailor Guardian with this collection. The Sailor Moon characters are known for their dramatic costume transformations, and now you can have one of your own when you put on a new pair of Jimmy Choo x Sailor Moon shoes. The new, high-end collection will be available on the Jimmy Choo website for Valentine’s Day starting tomorrow, Feb. 14.

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