It’s hard to believe that another Katsucon has come and gone, with fans converging on the National Harbor last month for a weekend filled with amazing cosplay. It is the perfect place for Cosplayers Getting Coffee, and this year the caffeine-fueled web series had a stronger presence at the convention than ever.

In the latest episode of Cosplayers Getting Coffee, available now, fans can catch all of the highlights from this year’s Katsucon — from a Valentine’s Day competition to a live episode panel! The episode is peppered with traditional CGC-style interviews that showcase cosplayers from the show floor who discuss their cosplays, the craziest part of Katsucon, and their go-to karaoke song. (The Spice Girls action from @daxclamation and @thatshadyhaze is ON FIRE.)

Interspersed, there are clips from the “Cosplay Couples Challenge,” a The Newlywed Game-style event in which three cosplay couples — Will (@willcharmingcosplay) and Sarah (@ohnoyouknit_it), Ally (@ally.blaze) and Shawn (@dynamitewebber), and Rebecca (@rebzdeladisco) and Jake (@jake_cosplays) — complete different challenges and try to write down matching answers to questions about their relationship.

Finally, there is fun, fandom-fueled footage from the second live episode of Cosplayers Getting Coffee. Host Meg (@megarahopecosplay) and panelists Brandon (@fire_forged_cosplay), Hillary (@shinylikethesun), Law (@outlaw2lk), Haley (@mothchildcc), and Ma (@maweezy) go through heated rounds of versus (who would win: Harley Quinn or Himiko Toga?), describe The Mandalorian in 10 seconds (“Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda”), and more.

Check out the full episode below to catch all of the amazing cosplay content!

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Cosplayers Getting Coffee shoots on Saturdays and Sundays in New York City. Do you want to show off your cosplay skills and be on the show? Let us know!

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