Bold art finds its way to the bathtub!

Keith Haring’s striking art is appreciated across generations. The artist himself will always be remembered for his activism, large public artworks, and more. Now he’ll also be remembered for bath toys, as Etta Loves released a new collection of sensory bath toys featuring the iconic art of Haring. The adorable collection of three new toys is perfect for fans of all ages, from babies to adults.

Fun for baby…and you! | Source: Etta Loves

The toys are hand-painted on one side with raised features on the other. Three are included in the new set: one that features art of a dog, one baby, and one heart. The toys are fully sealed to keep them clean and are ready for baby play or placement as fun bath decorations.

For the pop culture parents, Etta Loves has even more goods featuring Haring’s work. The full collection includes everything from playmats to teething toys.

Get the new Keith Haring Sensory Bath Toys now at the Etta Loves online store. The new release also includes a new rubber teether for babies, and the full collection has a whole pile of goods for little future artists.


These bath toys may be designed for babies, but they'd be an artsy addition to any bath experience! Three toys inspired by Keith Haring's art are included: a crawling baby, a dog, and a heart.

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