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Dragons, and robots, and nightmares, oh my!

Kess Games — the gaming division of Kess Co. — is releasing its first tabletop action-packed strategy game, Battle Bosses. After being successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2018, Battle Bosses will begin shipping this week to its more than 200 backers. Board game fans can expect to see Battle Bosses hit retail shelves at specialty stores and Amazon next month.

No, you are not going to be fighting your boss a la The Office. In Battle Bosses, the fabric of reality — known as the Void — has started to come apart. Different timelines and realities begin to merge, forcing powerful “boss” characters into battle sequences. By using energy to charge the player’s abilities and using crystals to upgrade the player’s boss and minions, you must outmaneuver your opponent.

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The game features hand-painted and diecast boss figurines, and each boss has its own special ability. Boss characters range from the angry Captain Boat (seriously, a boat with a menacing look), Ryu the dragon, and Alana the fantastical fairy. Players must also use cards, tokens, dice, and more in order to outthink other players and win the game.

Battle Bosses will be available in two sets — Battle Bosses Single Boss ($19.99) and Battle Bosses Deluxe ($139.99). Battle Bosses Single Boss comes with one Boss, their land titles, cards, crystal/energy/damage tokens, minions/special tokens, dice, and requires two or more bosses to play. The Battle Bosses Deluxe set includes all eight Series 1 Bosses along with their land titles, cards, crystal/energy/damage tokens, minions/special tokens, deck, dice, as well as the supplies to play 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 area mode.

Battle Bosses is still available for preorder at For more information, check out the Battle Bosses website or watch the trailer below. Game on!

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