Kirby, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Pop Star anymore.

Designed for players ages 10 and up, Nintendo‘s Kirby Star Allies is a new platform game for Nintendo Switch that lets places control Kirby as he battles evil forces and antagonists on the planet Jambastion, far away from his home.

Kirby Star Allies tells a story that begins with the explosion of a dark crystal heart. Its fragments are sent off into space, possessing some of the game’s characters. It also results in a unique Kirby power: the ability to turn foes into friends using Friend Hearts. It’s the game’s most unique feature, and it opens the door for wonderful creative play.As fans navigate Dream Land, they will encounter a handful of foes, including Poppy Bros. Jr, Sir Kibble, Blade Knight, Burning Leo, and more. Thanks to Friend Hearts, players can turn up to three enemies into companions and then utilize their unique attacks in battle. Companions will follow Kirby everywhere like a loyal band of ride-or-die groupies, so everyone will have a blast battling with a team by their side.

Players can embark on adventures alone or play cooperatively with their friends controlling companions. When rolling with a squad, players can access special attacks that allow Kirby to combine his abilities with those of his allies. They can activate attacks such as Staff and Spider, and even combine elements of fire, ice, and water to develop new attacks such as Sizzle Bombs and Splash Swords. Not long after I started playing, I created a Sizzle Sword reminiscent of Beric Dondarrion’s weapon in Game of Thrones. Even though the character wielding it was a cartoon, it was still epic.Eventually, Kirby will have to face off against various bosses, including some that pay homage to those in past Kirby installments such as Kirby’s Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. For Nintendo fans with a soft spot for this pink blob, this is a great throwback.

There are also two mini games for fans to test their skills, including Chop Champs and Star Slam Heroes. My favorite game, Chop Champs, challenges players to chop a tree as many times as they can in the time allotted. While they chop, you will also have to avoid chopping caterpillars and Gordos by navigating to different sides of the trunk. In Star Slam Heroes, gamers must smack a meteor back into space using a bat. Whichever player smacks their meteor the furthest, wins. Both of these mini games are a blast, and offer additional fun away from story mode.

Kirby Star Allies plays like a modern game, but feels like a classic. With cameos from some of the franchises past characters, and new and exciting gameplay features, it’s a must-have for anyone looking for a good time.

This review was originally published on the Toy Insider.

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