ARTFX J Maam (left) and ARTFX J Ochaco Uraraka (right) | Source: Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya is expanding its ARTFX J anime figure collection with three new figures based on the popular anime series Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, and Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

ARTFX J Maam | Source: Kotobukiya

First, martial artist Maam from Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is joining the ARTFX J series in a 1:8-scale figure ($164.99). With her orichalcum-shattering Amdo Dark Armour Fist equipped and aimed, Maam is prepared to take on any enemies in her way. Her stand also features deep marks from her fierce battles in the past. 

ARTFX J Uzui Tengen | Source: Kotobukiya

Next, the Sound Hashira from Demon Slayer, Uzui Tengen, is immortalized in a 1:8-scale figure ($149.99). Tengen is holding his Nichirin blades, prepared to slice down his enemies in a dynamic pose. His hair and clothes flutter back as if blown back by the wind. 

ARTFX J Ochaco Uraraka | Source: Kotobukiya

Finally, Kotobukiya is releasing a second 1:8-scale Ochaco Uraraka figure ($159.99) from My Hero Academia in her latest hero costume. Uraraka appears to float effortlessly using her zero-gravity quirk. Pieces of rubble even float around her as she poses midair. 

These figures will be released in Japan between September and November and should be available at Kotobukiya’s U.S. retail partners around the same time period.

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